The events listed below are movie “marathons” hosted by Undy a Hundy. They tie into a central theme and take place over the course a month. To suggest a new marathon, reach out via Undy’s official Facebook or Twitter pages. If you love one that’s already listed, check back for annual updates!


Monster March Raids Again! (2021)

Monster March Raids Again 2021
Once wasn’t enough to satiate my thirst for carnage and destruction. “Monster March” Raids Again!


Monster March (2020)

Monster March - Creature Feature Marathon
Monster March stomped it’s way into my home theater… and my reptilian heart!


From February with Love (2020)

From February with Love - James Bond Movie Review
Shaken not stirred. James Bond movies in the month of February!


Extended October (2019)

Extended October - Horror Movie Marathon
It’s been real. It’s been real scary! I’m ready for some comedies 🙂


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